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As a mother of two children and a wife of a man, I am Kim Bun-sook, the representative of “Mam Health Care” who wants to protect his health by touching the pain of all people after 33 years of civil service.

As a public employee in the early ’80s, it was a luxury to have a parental leave. When I gave birth to my second child, I vowed to do postpartum cooking this time, but the reality did not help me. After four seasons, my knees and head became cold and suffered from arthritis. One day my husband went to Japan on a business trip and bought me a magnet for blood circulation, mind and body, and pain relief. I was dubious and stuck in sore spots and it really worked! I heard that magnets help circulation, but it was so amazing that it could relieve pain, so I used it hard. After some time, the magnet, which was taken out for use again, was unfortunately corroded and could not be attached to the skin. At that time, I wanted to relieve the pain of those suffering from pain like me by making a magnetic product that can be used continuously without corrosion.

“Have you seen the northern lights?”

The only reason you can see it on Earth is because there is a geomagnetic field only on Earth. (The geomagnetic field emits gas from the sun to the anode and protects all living things on Earth.) When the only geomagnetic activity that exists on Earth is strengthened, humans have a smooth circulation of the circulatory system and nervous system, including heart activity and blood flow. Will be affected.

After years of hard work and research, we developed neodymium magnets coated with natural minerals to prevent corrosion and to produce geomagnetic fields and far infrared rays. They can be used safely without irritating the skin. “Mem Healthcare” patent product was born.

We will continue to do our best for the infinite trust of the performance and safety of our products, and research will continue until the day when Indobest Groups products become the world’s luxury goods.

In the future, Indobest Groups will be reborn as the mother in charge of the health of the family and the heart of the world responsible for the health of Koreans and the health of the world.

But what about the environment in which we live now? Living in concrete, the development of science causes electromagnetic disturbances, which are generated from things such as electric wires, electronic devices, automobiles, televisions, computers and mobile phones, which are always in contact with daily life, causing symptoms called “magnetic field deficiency syndrome”. Because of this, many people suffer from unexplained pain and complain of mental pain. Mammelcare has therefore developed a special coating of natural energy and natural minerals in addition to neodymium magnets to protect people’s blood flow and reduce the pain.